Kitabisa! - Our Team

Meet the team

We are a bunch of easygoing individuals that are inifinitely passionate in helping you make an impact.

  • Alfatih Timur
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Vikra Ijas
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Raymundus Galih Prasetya
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Iqbal Hariadi
    Director of Crowdfunding
  • Erwin Handono
    Partnership Manager
  • Annisa Karimah A Tamalate
    Back End Programmer
  • Siti Desiree Nasfhia
    Marketing & Partnership Manager
  • Amanda Gani
    Social Media Officer
  • Muhammad Zackky
    Back End Programmer
  • Ayu Novita Sari
    Customer Happiness Manager
  • Olla Pulandathi
    Customer Happiness
  • Nindita Kanti
    Techsoup Officer
  • Santo Sidauruk
    Frontend Developer
  • Cahyani G. Mulwinda
    UI Designer
  • Heri Setiana
    UI Designer
  • Tri Ardini
    Back End Programmer
  • Nadya Amelia
    Customer Happiness
  • Rachelyna Mairing
    VP Finance & People Operations
  • Mitha Indryani
    Accounting & Finance Staff
  • Eka Anzihory
    Customer Happiness
  • Muhamad Junaedi
    Campaign Support Manager
  • Muhammad Al Fatih
    Campaign Consultant
  • Citra Bella
    Campaign Consultant
  • Nanda Dita Syahpradana
    Campaign Consultant
  • Azmi Firdhaussi
    Campaign Consultant
  • Saffira Permata Sari
    Campaign Consultant
  • Voodoo
    Chief Stress Reliever

Our Advisors

Meet the guys that help us manage our excitement and stay on the right track.