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General FAQ

Do you also channel donations to the campaign?

No. only provides and facilitates the online fundraising process through our campaign page. We do not have any funds to channel. The success of one’s campaign relies heavily on the campaign’s content quality and distribution strategy.

Is there a cost to fundraise with

It’s free to set up your campaign page. Kitabisa applies a 5% platform fee for every donation collected, except for zakat and disaster relief campaigns from verified organizations or NGOs (0%).

Who can fundraise with

Anyone can create a campaign and fundraise online with We boast thousands of users from all backgrounds: NGOs, alumni associations, students, artists, groups, and individuals who wish to fundraise online for various purposes, including social causes, disaster relief, and creative projects.

How do you verify campaigns?

Every campaigner must attach their ID and a recent photo, connect their social media account(s), and (if needed) undergo a telephone interview to get verified. Unverified users are not able to withdraw the donations collected.

Kitabisa also makes it compulsory for campaigners to write updates on how the funds will be used.

As an open platform, we cannot fully guarantee the legitimacy and outcome of a fundraising campaign. However, a trusted campaign has generally already received several donations from their peers, provide clear and complete information regarding their campaign, and actively writes updates.

Who will donate to my campaign?

Based on our statistics, 40% of your first donors will come from your closest circles. The next 30% comes from your extended network, and the remaining 30% may come from strangers. This means that you must start the initial effort among family and friends before your campaign can successfully reach the wider public.

Is it legal to fundraise through Kitabisa?

Kitabisa Foundation is registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and has obtained a permit from the Ministry of Social Affairs (no. 478/HUK-PS/2017). It has also been audited by a public accountant, whose complete auditor’s opinion can be found here.

What is is Indonesia’s most popular online fundraising platform, with over two thousand campaigns facilitated and over IDR 30 billion raised.

What are some examples of fundraising through Kitabisa?

Kitabisa has facilitated a variety of fundraising campaigns covering a wide range of causes, including: medical bills, scholarship and education, nonprofit organizations, funding for orphanages, religious causes, and disaster relief. Community and group fundraising causes have also used Kitabisa to reach crowdfunding goals.

What is the benefit of fundraising through Kitabisa?
  • It’s simple.
    Create your campaign page in five minutes. Donations can then be received through five local banks and credit card. No need to use your own personal bank account and do things manually.
  • It’s transparent.
    Kitabisa displays all information related to your campaign on a page that can be accessed by anyone. Through that page, users can also keep track of the number of donations collected and a donors list to ensure that donations have been received.
  • It’s accountable.
    Through the “Update” feature, fundraisers can easily post updates related to their campaigns and have them delivered straight to the donors’ email addresses. That way, everyone is on the same page, all the time.
  • It can go viral.
    Since Kitabisa is an online platform, it makes it easy to share your campaign and increase your chances of having your campaign go viral on social media.