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Connecting #OrangBaik

Since 2013, Kitabisa has provided an online platform for individuals, communities, organizations, and companies (who we call #OrangBaik, or “do-gooders” in Bahasa) who want to:

  1. Raise funds by creating online donation pages (also known as campaign pages) for a variety of social, personal, and creative goals.
  2. Donate online anytime to campaigns on Kitabisa according to the categories or organizations that you care about.

With the spirit of mutual help and the goal of connecting goodness, Kitabisa embraces an open platform policy. That is, in a matter of minutes, anyone can create a donation page on Kitabisa as long as they successfully verify their identity and do not violate the law in Indonesia. Learn more by reading our Terms & Conditions and FAQ.

How do we fund our operations?

As a social enterprise startup, Kitabisa charges a platform fee of 5% of the total donations in a campaign, except in natural disaster campaigns and zakat (0% administration fee). With this model, we can focus on developing technologies and services to further simplify fundraising and donation activities in Indonesia and the world.

For more details, please check the Feature & Pricing page.

Is Kitabisa legal and licensed?

Yayasan Kitabisa is registered in Kemenkumham, obtaining PUB (Money and Goods) license from Ministry of Social Affairs with Ministerial Decree no 478 / HUK-PS / 2017, and audited by Public Accounting Firm with unqualified results. View Kitabisa audit opinion at the following link.

Our Impact
  • 7.399
    Campaign Terdanai
  • 476.491
    #OrangBaik Tergabung
  • Rp 174.692.166.921
    Donasi Terkumpul

Kitabisa ini media galang dana yang cepat dan transparan. Saya sudah pakai dua kali untuk galang dana bencana alam.

Ridwan Kamil

Di era disruption ini, buat galang dana jadi lebih transparan dan viral. Ini baru inovasi sosial yang dibutuhkan oleh Indonesia.

Rhenald Kasali

Kitabisa adalah sebuah platform yang bisa menghubungkan kita dengan kekuatan publik.

Dian Sastro

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